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Our Local Advantage

Although our experienced staff handles a tremendous number of motor vehicle accident and premises liability cases every year, you still have the ability to meet, talk, and communicate with Duane personally as your case progresses.
Perhaps the greatest advantage that Duane offers his clients is that often so many years of dealing with injured clients and the medical professionals that treat them is from the North Florida Area.

Duane has a personal relationship with almost all the best diagnostic physicians and board-certified orthopedic and neurosurgeons in the location, to get you the best treatment possible, and to build the best medical record possible to help make the best monetary recovery possible in your case.

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Duane is not a huge law firm of 100s of attorneys as are some of the large "big city" firms that advertise in our local North Central Florida small towns and communities. What Duane offers is the ability to pick up your phone and speak to him personally, or stop by and talk with him one on one about your case.

Call Duane E. Thomas, Attorney at Law to schedule an appointment. We're available 24/7. No fees will be charged unless a recovery is made.
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"I am so grateful! Thank you! You were wonderful and a "God Send."

- Bob and Holly

"My visit with Mr. Thomas was great! He was very nice towards me, and I like how Mr. Thomas handles his business when talking to his clients."

- AG

"Mr. Thomas has been more than fair. I would recommend him to anyone I talk to that may have a case."


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